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First of all, let me start by thanking all who sent in their support messages on my last post. It really was a big decision I made to share my journey with you and receiving the messages made me a little less nervous than I already was.

This post is about a fitness program I took part in that lasted 6 weeks. It may be a bit lengthy, but bear with me as I am going to be as honest and open as much as possible. Here goes..


It was mid May, I randomly woke up in the middle of the night and did what any ‘normal’ person would do, checked the time 3:00 A.M, then proceeded to get onto social media. I was scrolling my Facebook timeline when I came across the Elite Page, they were asking for 40 women who would like to Transform their lives in 6 weeks. I quickly tagged my friends and fell asleep right after that. I really thought they’d be interested in doing this together but boy was I wrong, they both refused. I won’t lie, it really put me off and I semi made up my mind not to go through with it. That was until the manager messaged me on private chat. Guysss I took this as a sign and decided to go for the orientation. Best decision of my life. I was sold at that first meeting, I knew this was something I’d be completely interested in and on the plus side, it would keep me busy.


Basically, the programme is designed in a way that you’re required to go for a 45 minute class, 3 times a week for the six weeks. They also provide a meal plan which has the quantities you’re required to eat indicated to prevent any guesswork. In addition to this, there is round the clock support from everyone going through the program on a private Facebook group. Weekly weigh ins are included to keep up with progress and help prevent going off the plan.

(A really good thing about this is that when you walk in through the doors, you are at the same level as everyone yet the only competition you have is yourself.)


This was honestly the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

I began my 6 weeks on Monday May 29th at 6.30 a.m weighing in at 149 pounds (68kg). I thought the first session would be easy. Joke was clearly on me, 15 minutes in and I was already in a lot of pain and sweating profusely. I still had 30 minutes left which I managed to get through alive. Now many of you know and are familiar with the post workout sore feeling you get after an intense session. I could barely walk and I live on the top floor of my apartment so just imagine how I was suffering. The pain I was in was in during that first week was too much and to make matters worse, my friends kept complaining that I was walking too slow when we went to town 😀 but however much I tried, there was no way I was going to increase my walking pace.


It got better. It always does when you push through.

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you are unable to go on, but you keep going anyway.” 

Week 2 came and was accompanied by resistance from my body. I could literally feel my body screaming for anything else other than what was on the plan. It was tough and I was having regrets about making myself go through the program. This was my lowest week and my mood was foul pretty much the entire week. This did not stop me though, I knew the time would eventually pass and guess what? It did and I survived.

From week 3-5, things went well. The sessions were getting tougher but I had settled with the meal plan. One thing I must mention here is that on week 3, there was an extreme heat wave, and with that you’d expect the temptation to get something cool to drink or eat but I was past that, I just ensured I remained hydrated. I didn’t even touch the juice thats “chilling” in the fridge. It was just water all day and night.

Week 6, the final week gave me mixed emotions. For one, I wanted the program to end but on the other hand I wanted it to go on for as long as possible because despite it being tough, I was enjoying attending class.

However, all things must come to an end and my program ended on July 8th at 7:45 a.m with my final weigh in reading 134.7 pounds (61kg). Can you believe that in just 6 weeks, with just enough determination, I managed to drop 7 kilograms?

The setup on my last day.

The before and after pictures are what amaze me, because looking at myself in the mirror everyday, I was unable to notice any change which was slightly disappointing to be honest. However, when I compare myself at the beginning and now I can clearly see the difference.



  1. I’ve grown to like the taste of fish, broccoli, peanuts and cheese. No one would ever have made me eat these before.
  2. Meal prep is an important activity that helps prevent impulsive buying of food during the day.
  3. My body is capable of doing amazing things, I just need to step out of my comfort zone.
  4. Water is so beneficial for the skin. I used to drink plenty of water before but for the last 6 weeks, its all I’ve had to drink and I watched my skin change before my eyes.   (PS/ I generally always look like I’m mad 😀 but I was really happy on both days.)


5. I have managed to conquer my cravings. I am now able to resist binge eating which was one of my goals at the start of this.


All in all this program has changed me both internally and externally and that’s something I am extremely grateful for 🙂

Would I do it again? Definitely I actually can’t wait to get back!

Remember that without struggle there is no progress.’ ~Eric Thomas




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