Taking 2018 head on!

Happy New Year !

I hope everyone started off the year on a good tone.

I for one, spent my New Year’s day running on two hours of sleep at a family gathering in shags. I barely thought I’d make it because; 1) we were the first to arrive, 2) it was extremely hot and 3) my favourite cousins decided they’ll make an appearance three hours late . I however managed to survive and much to my surprise, had to be forced to go home :).  It was actually fun.

A new year definitely comes with promises made to self about how we’re ready to change certain ‘negative’ aspects in our life, maybe to eat healthier, go to the gym, drink less alcohol, save money… and so much more.

Year in year out however, the trend appears to be that most people find themselves writing the same resolutions and making promises that this would be their year, the year that they change; but two weeks or two months down the line they’re back to their same old habits.

Reflecting on my past year resolutions, I managed to come up with a few reasons as to why I wasn’t able to achieve what I wanted to. (This may not be true for everyone though)

  1. You’re setting unrealistic goals

I’m not saying its impossible for one to achieve what they set out to do. Nothing is impossible if you control your mindset. This just means you’re giving yourself a great task to achieve without considering the possible and definite obstacles that you will face.

In marketing we’re told that when a company is setting their company goal, it needs to be SMART;


What exactly do you want to achieve?


Write it down everywhere. Make sure you remind yourself of it daily when you wake up  and when you go to sleep, reflect on your day and judge if the activities of your day were in line with your resolution of the year.


Don’t make resolutions far beyond your reach. Think of yourself as an investment project, majority take time to give the returns you want, but you only invest in those you believe in right?


Everyone is different, make resolutions that will benefit you and where you are in life


Who said a new years resolution is restricted to a time period of one year?  Did you know you can actually make one resolution that will last your entire life time? If you believe a resolution is a lifestyle change then this will make sense to you.

Some changes will definitely require more than a year to take full effect in your life so don’t limit yourself to just one year.. again remember the investment project reference?


2. You’re not holding yourself accountable. 

It is your responsibility to track your progress. Reward yourself when you manage to stay on track/ achieve something but be prepared for moments of failure. When this happens, pick yourself up and start again. Never be afraid to begin over. The most important thing is you start afresh with a new mindset using your failures as learning lessons.


3. You’re comparing yourself

As human beings this may be one of our biggest shortcomings. We tend to believe that we should be at the same level as our peers when this is not the case at all.

Just this year, you may find that your friends will move far ahead in their lives or that you yourself will be the one to move further on. That’s normal. The most important thing to remember is that we should help build one another.

I believe that the comparison is a cause of demotivation and eventually failure. Let me expound.. we allow ourselves to be in awe at how far ahead our friends are that we forget to focus on our own journey.

Think about life this way; we all have one destination but our paths to it are very different, yes they may cross at some point but they aren’t meant to go the same way. 

This means that in as much as the destination is the same, I can’t decide to use my friend’s path. There are obstacles along it that only they can overcome. I need to follow my own path and face my unique obstacles that will shape me into the person  I am destined to be.


4. You’re being too loud.

Truth is not everyone wants to see you succeed and not everyone will be happy for you when you actually do. This is means that some people will go out of their way to see you or even make you fail. Sometimes I believe we only have ourselves to blame for that.

Silence is golden. – Not everyone deserves/ needs to know what you plan on doing. Work in silence and let the results speak for themselves.

Its okay to share your dreams with a few people, maybe family or a close friend or a mentor. Just be sure that these people have your best interest at heart and you have almost similar life goals.

Take time to reflect on why you were unable to achieve the goals you set for yourself, build a new strategy and then work towards achieving the goals 🙂

Remember that;


Wishing you all a prosperous New Year :). Stay safe and seize all opportunities presented to you.


The world is yours for the taking 🙂


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