‘I know this post was due some time in September last year, but my idea for it kept changing so much I chose to give myself time to think about it. Now thanks to  two of my friends, here it is…’

 The Pilot

Introducing you to the participants of the post.. Some have chosen to remain anonymous but the rest, as you will see at the end, are people you probably already know whether through social media or through mutual friends.

The idea for the post is, for readers to see and hopefully appreciate that we all go through similar things, just in different ways.

Ps/: You can pick one participant and follow their answers to the end



  1. Describe yourself in 1-2 sentences.

    I find that most people, myself included do not really know who we are.. or rather we find it hard to answer questions about ourselves when put on the spot.. but will be quick to answer about another.. take time dear reader.. find out who YOU are.

R.J.K – ( Law student, a friend, a brother)

A lover of life, making the best out of it and the finer things that come along with it. I’m a realist and will express things as they are or how they present themselves, I believe in truth.Sad but, I’m an extremely materialistic person as well but it’s not something I’m sad about or embarrassed to say about myself.

Nyambura ( A blogger  Click to visit her blog, a friend, a neighbour)

Soulful, free spirited, wild hearted 24 year old who loves icecream, writing and good vibes. Did I mention how much I love to laugh?

Titania ( Pharmacy student, a long time friend, a happy soul)

I’m going to use the basic that everyone tells me ‘you’re so tall’. But other than that I guess I’m an outgoing person who likes laughing a lot and I wouldn’t forget that I’m very emotional


Serut- ( Chemistry lab partner, a nemesis turned friend, brainy child)

I would say I’m shy but outspoken (the irony is not lost on me 😅) I’m introverted but wouldn’t turn down an opportunity for adventure and I have the kind of personality which people either hate or love. There’s really no in between here.

Stephanie– ( Blogger, a friend, long distance runner) Her fashion blog

I’m an assertive, confident, and ambitious hella ting with a head on my shoulders and a heart for helping 😊. Basically, I’m me.

Idk the adjective for activist …but I’m also that.

Ivy, two sentences are not enough … 

Rafael- ( Photographer, Friend, Student)Give him a follow

I am a workaholic and I have a mild case of OCD. I am open minded and quite religious, as well as a bit of a weird kid. I like talking to people.


Andrew– ( Guitar player, Musician, Friend)

I am an introvert with an interest in music, the arts and sci-fi (of the comic and movie variety). Opening up to others becomes easier when the vibes are comfortable enough for me to do so.

Owen– ( Twin, First ever crush, Friend ) He can sing 🙂

Well my name’s Owen and I’m basically a person who’s in love with art, culture and People.

Louise– ( Friend, Model, Student)  Peep her instagram page

I’m fun, joyful, optimistic and daring. I’m also supportive and a great friend to those who accept my friendship.

2.   Describe your younger self in 1-2 sentences

‘See the thing is, to appreciate where you are now and plan for where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from..’

R.J.K – Naïve and oblivious to the realities of the world/life. I was also rather Fat and Chubby lol. I had (still have) a great love for sports but I played more actively then. When I was 13, the first person on my list of people that I will definitely never forget crossed my path. 

Nyambura – My younger self was independent, curious, extremely caring (to a fault) and hard working. In my teenage years, I bore the burden of low self-esteem. Nonetheless, at the core, I have always been full of life and a dreamer; from 9 to 19 to now, almost 24.

Titania- My younger self was very shy and of course shorter, but I’d say I wasn’t confident enough with myself.


Serut– My younger self cared far too much about other people’s opinions and was hell bent on fitting in. I was an extremely bossy child. It was my way or the highway. My introverted ways were still commonplace back then.

Stephanie– I was a constantly worried about what everyone thought about me and it affected me greatly.

Rafael- He was innocent, oblivious, shy and hardworking


Andrew- My younger self was too impatient with friendships and social interactions, expecting people to be as open (as he was with them) too early. He would also not see the point of practice, mostly with musical instruments, but still do the tasks given by his teachers.

Owen- I was basically a VERY FAT child, like believe me. I was round. And I had no neck at some point. It was quite fascinating 😂

Louise– Well, my younger self was extremely shy and very afraid of what people thought of her. She was way too safe in her tiny comfort zone and didn’t do much to come out of it. She thought so little of herself even though the latter was not true, which I eventually realised as I grew older.


3. Given the chance to address your younger self, what would you tell him/her?

‘ Sometimes we wish we could go back, to a specific day/month/year of our lives particularly when we want to change something.

Write a paragraph to your younger self, advise them from where you are in your life. It may help you appreciate how far you’ve come instead of wishing you were in someone else’s shoes.

R.J.K – Be grateful for the people that have crossed your path, they have come with different things to offer and the effect can be seen. Respect the process, do your thing. The older me can say that with affirmation of results. Continue loving yourself like you always have only you love you the most. Keep ya head up

Nyambura– You are so amazing! I love your heart of gold and your perseverant spirit. Trust yourself a little more, forgive often, and place total dependence on God. He got you, I got you, and you got this! Keep going my star!

Titania – I would tell her to relax it’s never that serious and change takes time. I would also tell her to take it easy on herself and not give up with time comes progress


Serut– I would tell her to hang in there because things get a lot better. You’ll grow into your head. You’ll get some friends who’ll stick around and others will leave but you’ll be fine. Not everyone you trust will stab you in the back so don’t be afraid to open up. You will find love and you shouldn’t always question it. Drink water because it’s healthy. Get off your bum because you’re quite lazy and have fun because you don’t have responsibilities yet.


  1. Be yourself, you don’t have to fit in .. that’s why you’re you.
  2. Don’t do stuff expecting rewards or payment back
  3. If everyone loves you , there’s something you’re doing wrong
  4. Go for it , whats the worse that could happen?

Rafael– Do not let anyone ever get into your head. Listening to other people and letting them influence how you do your thing is going to mess you up. Keep being you


Andrew– I would tell my younger self to be patient with people and with learning skills – mostly music (^__^) –, value practice more, trust the teachers’ methods of teaching and not to be in a hurry to grow up. I would also tell him to learn to be comfortable alone or in his own skin

Owen – If I could speak to the younger me I’d basically tell myself to stop thinking and start living. I let too many good moments and good things pass me by because of living too much inside my head

Louise – I would tell her that it’s never that serious. No one really has it all figured out and you shouldn’t feel disappointed in yourself because you’re not yet where you want to be. Life is a process and as you go on, you learn new things about yourself and the people around you. I’d tell her to be bolder and stop worrying about what people think. I’d tell her that she’s very beautiful and there’s no standard of beauty she should be to be considered beautiful by others. I’d tell her to dream bigger and not to be afraid to go for what she wants. Most of all I’d tell her to put God above everything.



Does anyone really know how to answer the question..’ Tell me about yourself/ describe yourself in a few sentences.’?

Think about the times you’ve been asked this question? At a job interview, when interacting with someone new..e.t.c  What did you say?  Is what you answered accurate at this moment?

Fact is we are constantly changing and learning more about ourselves with each passing day..

If you were asked at this moment to describe yourself.. what would you say?















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