I’m really starting to believe the notion that everyone you meet, whoever it is, is destined to have a certain impact in your life; could be intentional or unintentional.

I called an uber to my friend’s house the other night (I was feeling lazy to wait for the bus :D). Now usually I’d prefer to sit in silence and just answer the questions the driver asks plainly and let the conversation end there but not this night, the driver was so intriguing, that I sat in the car a few extra minutes after the ride ended just to listen to him.   I’ll spare you all the details and tell you what I learnt from the conversation:

No job is mediocre. The man has a degree in IT and Computer Science as well as an MBA. He has a business of renting out cars to drivers who then work under Uber or the local taxi services . Any spare time he gets, he’ll go out on the road and work with Uber himself. He gave up working 9-5 because  “If you don’t give your children time today, you can’t complain when they don’t make time for you in the future.”

Reflecting on this made me realise that humans are quite hardworking. However, most of the things we exert our effort in today, are things that are not adding any value to our lives.

It’s so easy for a tomorrow to turn to today and finally into yesterday 

The book I’m currently reading (The Leader Who Had No Title- Robin Sharma) was suggested to me by a good friend, and so far, its managed to help me put a lot of things into perspective.

I’m honestly not one to read the inspirational books you see being displayed quite seductively in bookshops (or those piled up in my mother’s bookshelf) for the mere fact that I believe most of these writers don’t really practice what they preach and are just out to make a quick shilling from vulnerable people. I decided to get this book because, the person who suggested it felt that it would relate to the conversation we were having. (Feel free to borrow mine 🙂 )

To make things a little bit more clearer, the average person has a life span of about 80 years, that’s 960 months, and who told you that you are one of the ‘average’ people? there’s a 50% chance you have less and a 50% chance you have more. However, considering the future is unknown to us all why take the chance?

Having this in mind at all times, could help serve as a motivator for us to get so much more out of our day than we already are. Unfortunately for us a day only 24 hours, which does seem far below what we require to accomplish all the tasks we have. Sadly though, we mere human beings can’t change when day begins or ends. What we can do however, is slowly adjust our daily habits in a way that enables us to be more efficient.

Try waking up an hour earlier than you already do. I know its much easier said than done. However, saving just one hour a day equates to 7 in a week.. meaning that on average you can get up to 30 extra hours a month.

Stop putting things off. You know that class you thought of taking up? Or do you remember that person you wanted to see/call? How about the assignment you have that’s due in a month? If you can do something right now, why would you want to push it to tomorrow? From experience, the only thing tomorrow brings is regret. Do things now and do them well.

Live in the moment. Moving away from, me, unconsciously develop a habit of being obsessed with home. I always wanted to know what was happening and where. This made me miss out on the benefits of where I am for a while.  This despite dad’s constant final words to me before I leave; “When you go, don’t miss us. Go do what you’re supposed to do.” Although it took a while for his message to be delivered, the words hit home and brought along a reality check. I’ve slowly began detaching myself from things beyond my control and focusing on just being present and in the moment. I must admit that although it’s a hard task, it’s very worthwhile as you get to enjoy what you’re doing even more.

Plan your day. This doesn’t mean you plan every second of the day. Just make a mental/physical note of all the activities you have to do for the day beginning with the most important ones. Have a rough estimate of the time you intend to spend on each but don’t be too stressed out if things don’t go as planned, sometimes spontaneity is exciting.

The most important thing I’ve learnt about time is the fact that it’s the most precious gift you can give to anyone so decide at this moment to spend more time with those you love

All that was served during this fashion show was my looks. 🙂

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