One major theme I set for my year is ‘escaping the comfort zone.’ I hope to achieve this by either trying out new things, meeting new people e.t.c or by doing the same thing or maintaining relationships from a different angle.

My year started off on a really rough patch but I just recently started to feel my energy levels rising and so I’ve decided to FINALLY start working on my projects. So here goes the first one:

I am a 2019 Ambassador for Face of Kenya UK. This is a forum that was designed to bring community cohesion to Kenyans in the diaspora through its philanthropic nature. To do so, they encourage the youth to fundraise for any charity back home and 100% of funds collected are given to the charity.

To find out more about Face of Kenya, click here

My chosen charity is Wezesha Binti, a social organisation that was started by a former school mate, Tabitha Nakholi, last year. Her organisation seeks to empower young underprivileged  girls to take control of their reproductive health by providing access to proper menstrual health management as well as train them on sexual and reproductive health.

They do this through the Binti Box initiative which ensures that the girls remain in school by providing them with the necessities that helps them get through their period each month.

One Binti Box goes for KSH. 1,000 (approximately £7) and contains:

a. 1 draw-string bag

b. 2 moisture barrier shields

c. 8 absorbent tri-fold pads

d. 1 wash cloth

e. 2 pairs of panties

f. 1 PVC small pouch

g. 1 visual instruction sheet.

My goal is to try raise at least £1,000 by July 2019 which will help in providing about 140 Binti Boxes. I kindly appeal to everyone reading this to donate whatever amount they are comfortable with donating and share this with as many people as possible to help me attain my goal.

Wezesha Binti Launch-171.jpg
During the Launch of Wezesha Binti last year

I have set up two fundraising accounts suitable for those in the diaspora as well as those in Kenya.

  1. GoFundMe.

For those who would find it easier to donate using Credit/Debit cards:

Donate Here

2. Mchanga

For those who would prefer using Mpesa, Airtel Money, Paypal or Visa cards to donate:

Donate Here


I would like to thank everyone who supports me in any way either by reading this, donating or sharing my fundraiser.