ENTRY 2: Hello Scarborough

Dear diary,

Uncertainty of the future creates a sense of urgency in the present

~ Anonymous

I found myself surrounded by feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Constantly worrying about what I’d be doing a day, a week, a month and a year from any given moment made me unable to focus on the present and on tasks that needed to be completed. I stagnated, in a place that only served to drain me of what little energy I had left. Fed up, I spontaneously booked a trip away to the beach; I wanted it but most importantly I needed it.

As I sat on the pier, watching the sea’s waves rise and magnificently crash across the walls, I caught myself reflecting on the quote above. We have been subconsciously programmed to always think about the future that we forget to live in the present. This causes a build up of pressure within us to live up to our future self’s status instead of enjoying where we are in the moment.

What happens when we are constantly on the move? Constantly looking for the next best thing or the next best opportunity? The next person we want to partner up with? The next… Simply put, we forget to live in the present.

The waves of the sea rise high and crash against the walls with anger; should the walls not be firm enough, destruction and possibly loss of life would follow. Similarly, if we allow the pressure within us to grow in strength and magnitude, without any barriers for protection destruction is sure to follow.

I’ve been working on being still and this has allowed me to accept that the future is just an illusion, a figment of our imagination. We can plan for the future but we can never confidently say that we will live to see the plans come into fruition or that things will go 100% according to our plans.

Being still has taught me to enjoy the little moments because they will be the big moments when life suddenly turns upside down or when you’re on your last breath.

Stop ! Take a picture of a tree changing colour due to the season. Stop ! Pet a dog that runs towards you on the beach. Stop ! Enjoy quality time with those around you, laugh and make memories. Stop ! Take a pause to really understand how you feel and then figure out what’s truly made you feel that way.

Being still allows you the appreciate the present because that is all you have.

What do you/ can you do to remain in the present?

3 thoughts on “ENTRY 2: Hello Scarborough”

  1. In agreement. We have to pause and reflect and be intentional about making the most out of the present because society and upbringing has sort of wired us differently.

    1. Wow I absolutely loved how you have summarised everything I was trying to say. I am definitely working on taking the necessary pauses in life and living each day at a time

  2. Ivy, your post is well articulated, profound, and challenging. In this world, we all hardly have a moment to spare
    and reflect/introspect in our journey. We are always in a hurry to do this to do that and end moving around in circles. No full stops, only commas!

    We are encouraged when we remind ourselves that YESTERDAY is GONE; TOMORROW is PROMISSORY; TODAY is PRESENT, and a GIFT from GOD. Let’s all endeavor to enjoy every minute as it were.


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