ENTRY 4: Chapters

I’m beginning to see life as a book. When you’re born you are given a set number of blank pages (equivalent to years of life) and only you get to determine what the story is. I find that beautiful; We literally are the authors of our lives but why are we not living as if this is true?

The different seasons of our lives form the chapters, and by default the story gets created. With highs and lows, exciting parts but also parts so boring they could put anyone to sleep. Characters oh so different, oh so special! Each with their own part to play in bringing the story together.

But don’t get too attached! Every good author knows when to end a chapter even if they have to leave it in suspense, you know ..the ‘what ifs?’ Allow the reader’s imagination to run wild.

No matter how good or bad life gets, know when it’s time to turn the page, or move on to the next chapter, your new storyline and characters await you.

What would you call this chapter of your life?