ENTRY 6: Cheers ! To New Beginnings.

Dear Diary,

Isn’t it fascinating how, in perfect timing, the brain recalls events, memories, speeches or even a passage you once read, that can help you put a lot of your current situation into perspective? Years ago, (can you believe that I recently said that 2008 was 4 years ago!) when I was coming to the end of one big chapter of my life, someone gave a speech and the emphasis throughout was the quote by a Roman Philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca:

Every New Beginning comes from some Other Beginning’s end


(un)Fortunately, I was too excited to complete that chapter of my book that I never really took the time to comprehend the deeper meaning of those words and how they apply to my own life. Perhaps, if I had done so, my life would have turned out a lot different.

Why is it that new beginnings simultaneously excite and scare me? The idea of beginning a fresh, rebranding, moving to a new place, leaving a person or things that no longer make me happy… why does it at first seem impossible to leave behind? Why do I get attached to these things and people so much that I refuse to let go even when it is clear that they have served their purpose?

Why do I pretend that I cannot feel when I have outgrown things, places, tasks, people e.t.c? The answer is pretty simple; Uncertainty. You can never be 100% sure you are making the right decision, but you won’t know unless you try… regardless of what anyone tells you.

I know from my past, that leaving my comfort zone and stepping into uncertain terrain has led me to absolutely incredible places, people and ultimately, better versions of myself. So why then do I find myself terrified of new beginnings?

If there’s one lesson I have learnt from this year, is to work on detaching myself from material things and people. Attachment can make it hard to discern when a chapter has come to an end from a change in the storyline.

Detachment makes it easier to leap into your new beginnings whenever they come and wherever they take you.

4 thoughts on “ENTRY 6: Cheers ! To New Beginnings.”

  1. Wow! It’s called starting a new chapter in your book that God calls Ivy Wambui. Gradually page by page, and when the time comes, just move on but remember to always carry lessons learnt be they good or bad.


  2. Wow..uncertainty yes..but am moving on and not looking back..am detaching myself from things and people making me unhappy

  3. Wow..uncertainty yes..but am moving on and not looking back..am detaching myself from things and people making me unhappy

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