ENTRY 7: 6 Lessons from 2020.

Dear Diary Allow me to borrow from Spotify's (a streaming platform that isn't available in Kenya) incredible feature " Your [insert year] Wrapped" where they summarise your year based off the music/ podcasts you listened to throughout the previous 12 months. I find this incredible because it is a form of self-reflection and a way… Continue reading ENTRY 7: 6 Lessons from 2020.

ENTRY 6: Cheers ! To New Beginnings.

Dear Diary, Isn't it fascinating how, in perfect timing, the brain recalls events, memories, speeches or even a passage you once read, that can help you put a lot of your current situation into perspective? Years ago, (can you believe that I recently said that 2008 was 4 years ago!) when I was coming to… Continue reading ENTRY 6: Cheers ! To New Beginnings.

ENTRY 5: Allowing Others to Help

Dear Diary, A few weeks ago something tragic happened, which in hindsight was not as bad as I perceived it to be at the time. Anyway, at that moment, I was stressed, yelling and frantically calling and texting every single person I knew (the important ones) to alert them of the situation. I was like… Continue reading ENTRY 5: Allowing Others to Help