ENTRY 3: A mile in my shoes.

Dear Diary, When I was 18, H_art the Band (a popular Kenyan band) released their song Uliza Kiatu (translation: ask my shoe), which was and still is, so catchy we were always singing it every chance we got. The song is about a love story, narrated from the man's perspective. He makes all sorts of… Continue reading ENTRY 3: A mile in my shoes.

ENTRY 2: Hello Scarborough

Dear diary, Uncertainty of the future creates a sense of urgency in the present ~ Anonymous I found myself surrounded by feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Constantly worrying about what I'd be doing a day, a week, a month and a year from any given moment made me unable to focus on the present and… Continue reading ENTRY 2: Hello Scarborough

ENTRY 1: Starting Over

Dear diary I'm starting to believe that the realisation of 'I'm not really living life' hits hardest when its time to let go of your old self and begin embracing the new version of self. When certain habits no longer serve you, certain friends no longer bring you joy, and what interested you a year,… Continue reading ENTRY 1: Starting Over

Chapter 9: Deliverance

Happy Blog Day to all regular and new readers, this week we have our third guest on the blog, K. RenĂ©. His writing is slightly different from what's usually posted but I am certain you will enjoy it. Remember to leave your comments below :). " The third time I would realise that I did… Continue reading Chapter 9: Deliverance