One major theme I set for my year is 'escaping the comfort zone.' I hope to achieve this by either trying out new things, meeting new people e.t.c or by doing the same thing or maintaining relationships from a different angle. My year started off on a really rough patch but I just recently started… Continue reading FUNDRAISING FOR WEZESHA BINTI


' The prerequisite for spending time with people is that they will feed your flame' - Will Smith. Sometimes I sit and reflect on these words, wishing that I had heard them early last year;  I probably would have avoided the pain and a near-depressing episode. But when I really think about it, everything happens… Continue reading TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS


Remember how as children, we'd sometimes compete to see who could hold their breath the longest? It would all start with a really big deep breath, which was then followed by shutting your mouth as tight as possible and to avoid cheating, someone would pinch your nose. Everything would be fine at first, you felt… Continue reading BREATHE.