Remember how as children, we'd sometimes compete to see who could hold their breath the longest? It would all start with a really big deep breath, which was then followed by shutting your mouth as tight as possible and to avoid cheating, someone would pinch your nose. Everything would be fine at first, you felt… Continue reading BREATHE.


' This is for my people who just lost somebody; your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady.. mothers, daddies, sisters, friends and brothers, this is for my people who just lost their grandmothers. We will never say bye.' - Bye bye Mariah Carey When I was younger I always used to wonder… Continue reading DEATH; THE EXIT.


A continuation of Part I..  TO: A YOUNGER ME. (Part I)   THE FINALE? The point of this 'chapter' is to enable the reader to appreciate that change happens to everyone both internally and externally. Take time and use the questions to reflect on your own change over the years.   4.  IS THERE ANYTHING YOU… Continue reading TO: A YOUNGER ME. (Part II)