ENTRY 7: 6 Lessons from 2020.

Dear Diary Allow me to borrow from Spotify's (a streaming platform that isn't available in Kenya) incredible feature " Your [insert year] Wrapped" where they summarise your year based off the music/ podcasts you listened to throughout the previous 12 months. I find this incredible because it is a form of self-reflection and a way… Continue reading ENTRY 7: 6 Lessons from 2020.

ENTRY 3: A mile in my shoes.

Dear Diary, When I was 18, H_art the Band (a popular Kenyan band) released their song Uliza Kiatu (translation: ask my shoe), which was and still is, so catchy we were always singing it every chance we got. The song is about a love story, narrated from the man's perspective. He makes all sorts of… Continue reading ENTRY 3: A mile in my shoes.