It’s taken me a while to understand my ‘WHY‘ for this website but I now believe that I have figured it out. It came to me, one night as I was falling asleep…


Life is an unpredictable journey and we are all trying to navigate our way through. Whether we like it or not, change is part and parcel of this journey and we need to learn how to embrace it while using it to our advantage.

My aim for this Online Journal is to connect all my readers through lessons learned in life. I believe that although we go through very different experiences, we tend to end up learning similar lessons. For this reason, I have decided to open up my blog and welcome stories from anyone who is willing to share a story about any experience they’ve gone through that left them with a valuable lesson. Stories will be published anonymously if you’d prefer.

Ready to share? Simply follow these simple guidelines;

a. In a maximum of 800 words, write about any significant change you’ve experienced in your life and the lesson it taught you.

b. Send it to me via e-mail (best for ensuring anonymity) on

c. Have a photo you’d like added? Attach it in the email. Ensure you mention whether you’d like it shared anonymously or not

d. Follow my blog and social media accounts, to get notified about any new posts and see when you get published 😉

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e. Share the posts with friends, family and even ‘enemies’. (Everyone can learn a thing or two)

 I also thought it important to mention share a few podcasts that I feel relate to the theme of my blog so do have a listen if you have the time.

  1. Leaving the Matrix. Tings and Things. Ep 70 In this episode, they speak of ‘the matrix’ as what we are familiar with when we are young. The discussion is really insightful and does relate to the theme of my blog so do have listen
  2. Surrendering my old identity- and finding myself, by Catherine Reitman This is a different kind of podcast I came across recently. It’s a 30 minute meditation led by narrated stories. Would be perfect if you’re looking to do some reflection.

Here’s to hoping that all readers find the blog relatable in some way and that we learn to see the changes in our lives as opportunities for growth.



‘ Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end’

                   ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca